Case Study

Our Case studies refer to the collection and presentation of detailed information about our particular service orientation work for instance clients requirements, solutions, feedbacks and some other issues like set back, resolutions etc.

We serve multiple clients across industry segments and verticals, we focus on automation, agility, speed and cost reduction while making them more effective than ever. Toqsoft industry experts understand the challenges you face and know how to apply tools and services to achieve increased productivity, strengthened market competitiveness, reduced information technology costs, and improved relationships with customers, suppliers and partners

Complete business solution for a company who provides services and technology solutions for Real Estate, Mortgage, Asset Recovery and Customer Relation Management.

The company is U.S. based and leading provider of financial, mortgage services and technology solutions. They provide services to some of the most respected organizations in their industries, including one of the nation’s largest sub-prime servicers, government agencies and many lenders, servicers, investors, mortgage bankers, credit unions, financial services companies and hedge funds across the country.

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Courier & Logistics Company re-launch their website making it fully responsive and boosting business performance.

Toqsoft helped Courier & Logistics Company to re-launch their website making it fully responsive and boosting business performance. A website by which company can get the customer’s response, enquiries, quote, order, payment etc. online.

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Toqsoft builds a Portal Solution for a IT company which have procurement worldwide and having development centre in India and USA.

Toqsoft builds a Portal Solution for a IT company which have procurement worldwide and having development centre in India and USA. We delivered innovative solutions to meet their consumer and customer needs and achieve the commitments set out in ambitious plans to grow their business while reducing their overall environmental impact.

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Jewelry Inventory Management Solution to enhance the business efficiency and custom reporting that suits the client's business needs.

The Company is in the business of retailing and manufacturing of Gold and Diamond jewellery. They offer high quality jewellery products designed to make the customers cherish it for life. Theirs products are superior and at the same time offered at competitive price, is the key business offering.

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An ERP Solution for the international residential school situated in India that unifies students, faculty, staff, and business-critical system.

A residential school with state-of the-art technology and time tested ethical values of out rich culture. It is at par with any reputed residential school of today and strives to perfect its aims and aspirations much beyond the vision of many institutions.

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Best revenue model of Online Grocery Business set up in India.

A new company in South India wanted to set up Online Grocery Business in the pandemic era 2020-21. That company is a grocery retailer and wholesaler supplying everybody from small and independent stores. They also sell direct to the end user via their retail website and stores. We at Toqsoft helps the business owner to start his online grocery store (website/app) and delivers groceries to customers in a specific city or region. To get successful in starting and operating an online grocery business, you need to focus on the product availability and real-time inventory are very important, both of which can impact brand loyalty.

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A company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a retailer and wholesaler supplying medical and construction safety kits to the large and small organizations around the country. They also sell direct to the end user via their retail website/app and stores.

We provide product catalog or an educational resource (built on a CMS) to an ecommerce platform to enable online sales. The most cost-effective solution will be to decouple the front and back end of your CMS to enable headless data delivery. Then, we created ecommerce pages and elements in a CMS and connect them via APIs to a newly implemented ecommerce back end.

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Laundry Management App is a system application program that helps smoothen and improvise the dry cleaners and laundry business management service workflow designed to work for three different types of users—laundry services, dry cleaners, and pickup and delivery agents/drivers—users can track orders, booking, and other processes in real time. You can send push notifications to your staff and clients, and let customers schedule pickup and drop-off of their laundry.

The system enables our client to pack per customer, manage hamper bags and cages, prepare deliveries and invoice the customer. The system is equipped with advanced features that accelerate established business practices to be more resilient, agile, and insightful, primarily to bring scalability and automation. Having an efficient application for laundry and dry-cleaning operations management definitely makes the business easier to administer.

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Building multilingual website for the company provides business services to the government and private sector in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Client is one of the leading consultancy and business service providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It provided services to some of the most prestigious organizations in the Kingdom including ministries and government agencies.

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