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Microsoft Power BI

Visualize business data, get insights quickly with Power BI deployment.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting & Development Solutions Provider

Analyze data with a POWER BI Dashboard. Power BI is a new cloud-based Business Intelligence service provided by Microsoft and derived from its years of experience in relational databases like Access, SQL server etc. Providing impactful Power BI solutions to businesses and companies in different domains to extract powerful insights out of their data. It thoroughly analyzes data and shares powerful insights. We create Power BI solutions that help organisations to transform businesses’ critical data into rich visuals and interactive dashboards.

A unified approach to managing your Data and BI initiatives

Our Power BI Development Services


Power BI Consulting

Power BI consulting teams offer a roadmap to strategizing data plan to evaluate and implement a modern BI platform for your business. Our Power BI consultants guide you to transform your organization with a business-driven strategic roadmap for your BI initiatives.


Power BI Implementation

Each implementation project is as unique as your business. With our Power BI implementation services, you can get access to diverse data sources, enhance data exploration and uncover insights hidden in your data.


Power BI Dashboard Development

We optimize Power BI dashboard development through customized design and interactive report creation. No matter what organizations’ size is, our experts provide a platform that help them to gain better insight into their business through Microsoft Power BI dashboards.


Power BI Customization

We are a Power BI developer that can help businesses implement, integrate, and customize business intelligence solutions that transform siloed data into actionable insights. Together we'll identify the right visualisations for your users. There's no limit to the custom visualisations we can create.


Power BI Advanced Analytics

Microsoft Power BI brings advanced analytics to help users gain important insights and transform data into breakthroughs and solve business problems. Implement advanced & practical analytical techniques inside of Power BI and find insights you never thought possible in an intuitive way.


Power BI Embedded

Power BI Embedded gives you the ability to include the capabilities of Power BI while hosting the reports in your application. Power BI Embedded is an Azure service that allows application developers to embed stunning, fully interactive reports and visualizations to custom applications and websites.

Tranform your data into actionable insights.

How Power BI Delivers Digital Collaboration

Data is a dynamic variable in businesses. Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business intelligence (BI), reporting, and data visualization products and services for individuals and teams. It helps you to read data, create insights, forecast and implement a plan of action on a wide range of business priorities.

Data Access Anytime, Anywhere

Power BI can be accessed from anytime anywhere. No matter where your data resides, It is accessible and an excellent option for mobile teams or businesses with multi locations.

Reduce Time To Insights

Workflows, report templates can easily be created and used within Power BI. It is enabling organizations to make time-sensitive decisions by providing actionable insights from enterprise data within a short time.

Identifying Data Trends

Microsoft Power BI can help you spot patterns and trends in your data, make informed predictions, and run "what if" scenarios. Power BI auto searches all your data and provides hidden insights that might be useful to you.

Improved Data Governance

Power BI provides administrators a centralized location to enforce governance. Using Power BI’s data control capabilities, everyone in an organisation can discover insights and share them with others securely.

Interactive Visualization

Power BI offers a variety of visualization options for creating reports. After a dashboard has been created in Power BI, it can easily be shared with other users or departments to share data visualisations and analytics.

Enterprise Analytics

Transform your enterprise data into rich visuals with Microsoft Power BI. It can easily build robust, reusable models over your data to provide consistency across reporting and analysis in your organization.

Our Power BI Capabilities

Microsoft Power BI brings advanced analytics to help users gain important insights and transform data into breakthroughs and solve business problems. Here, we will take a quick look into how can we help businesses build a more coherent collaborative workplace.
Business Reports

A Power BI report provides a very detailed overview of any dataset or data stream of interest in the form of different visualizations, filters, and parameters they could answer and solve some of the complex problems in your business.

Self-Service Analytics

Self-service solutions enable business users to nevigate their own data analysis. It provides a heightened level of access to data and analysis for non-technical employees. They don’t need to understand the underlying programming.

Embedded Analytics

Power BI Embedded Analytics will give more power to your applications with Reports, Dashboards, Visual Insights. Embedded analytics is designed to support business users, allowing them to make better everyday decisions based upon data.

Interactive Dashboards Visualization

Visualization services of Power BI include creating purposeful, visually appealing, and interactive, immersive dashboards and reports to cultivate facts-driven business plans and smoothen your decision making with diagnostic analytics services.

Power BI On Azure

Microsoft Azure and Power BI big data analytics solutions make it easier to automate preparation and analysis of your largest datasets to efficiently provide insights. The new functionality from Microsoft to integrate power bi into a web app makes it even more useful.

Power BI and Azure as the future of enterprise analytics

Combine Power BI and the various Azure data processing services and you get to utilize multi-source data processing, huge real-time systems, Stream Analytics, and Event Hubs, and combine your various SaaS services into business intelligence reports that provide your company a competitive advantage.