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Microsoft Azure Development

Achieve security, scalability, compliance, and flexibility on a global scale with next-gen custom Azure Application Services that allow you to innovate in your business application over a cloud platform.

Feature-Rich Cloud Platforms - Microsoft Azure Platform

Microsoft Azure is one of the most feature-rich cloud platforms available today. Enterprises across the globe are realizing great success with business solutions powered by Cloud. Microsoft Azure provides businesses with the infrastructure they need to reach their goals at any stage of operation. Using deeply-integrated Azure cloud services, enterprises can rapidly build, deploy, and manage simple to complex applications with ease.

Cloud native apps
App modernization & migration
Mobile apps
Iot solutions
Management & automation
Micro services architecture
Application containers
DevOps & continuous delivery

Our Azure services

At TOQSOFT, we work closely with you to take your Azure to the next level. Microsoft Azure Managed Services are delivered by our qualified and experienced Azure management team, with proven methodologies and tools. Azure supports a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, databases, and devices, allowing enterprises to leverage tools and technologies they trust.
Azure Ready-to-run infrastructure

We use Microsoft Azure to provide industry leading solutions that can help to discover your business goals, infrastructure and capacity to move to the Azure cloud. Without maintaining on-premises hardware.

Azure Secure Cloud Backup

As the backup data is stored in Azure cloud storage, it is safe from any incidents that could impact your local data centers. It backs up customer documents and files to a reliable and secure cloud-based infrastructure, protecting company data from physical and software-based disasters.

Azure Database Development

We have extensive experience in cloud database design based on Microsoft Azure SQL cloud. Database designers determine what data is to be stored inside the database, and how objects are to be related to each other. These capabilities allow you to focus on rapid app development and accelerating your time to market.

Centralised Virtual Networks

Often, companies have headquarters and offices around the world and need to access resources hosted on Azure. It simply allows you to manage several virtual networks in a centralized platform with some additional features and benefits to improve your productivity and network security.

Azure Disaster Recovery (DR)

For small and medium businesses, you can protect all of your major IT systems inexpensively by implementing disaster recovery to the cloud using Site Recovery. Azure Site Recovery provides continuous protection by encrypting all data and communication, and monitoring the state of the protected instances.


Migrate to Azure with speed and confidence

Migrating to Azure can transform your organization's IT infrastructure and lower overall maintenance costs. Azure is helping businesses realize great success and is redefining the way they operate.

A successful migration to Azure requires carefully planning your strategy, organizing your existing resources, identifying what should migrate, becoming familiar with Azure services, and managing the deployment of your plan. Our services include setting up the Azure environment, implementing security and compliance requirements, testing and validating the services and stabilizing the infrastructure on cloud.


Secure organisational cloud-readiness

Cloud readiness assessment provides a complete organisational, application, security and IT architecture review in preparation for a move or migration to cloud.

TOQSOFT can help your organization assess your cloud readiness so you can take advantage of the many benefits of using the cloud.


Boost sales and marketing impact

Cloud computing impacts industries via azure cloud platform, which facilitates the smart transformation of industries. This technology allows the business to effective access their customers for marketing purposes.

Customer behavior provides insight into what is working and what is not. When businesses equipped with azure marketing tools, you can use data and predictive analytics to understand customer profiles and improve overall effectiveness of your campaigns.