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Toqsoft has a strong technical as well as business team to provide quality services across the world. This team consists of professionals who have had significant experience of designing, developing, marketing and managing projects.
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About Our Company

“Doing the right things, in the right way, with the right people ”

Over the years of experience, TOQSOFT has obtained a distinguished position of an expert in software development and multidimensional IT services organisation occupying some of the best analytical minds who have a deep knowledge of each industry domain while having comprehension the significance of required technology.

Because our strong reputation, expertise, people, vast experience, and technology innovation, give us an edge that benefits you.

An organization’s biggest asset is its reputation. Every company’s Desired Reputation is unique. Year after year, we have continued to see growth in our company due to our strong reputation in the Business Solutions provider. We are achieving our objectives more easily because Toqsoft has a good reputation among its customers, opinion leaders in the business community, suppliers and current and potential employees.

Achieve your goal with right technology planning

We are inspired by technology. Turn to Technology and achieve your business goals.

Toqsoft understands the challenges and opportunities, and has built world-class IT strategy consulting capabilities to evaluate your corporation's IT needs and how accessible technology fits into your business by identifying a vision and objectives that helps you to achieve your business goals with the latest available technologies.

Efficient and comprehensive technology implementation is our technology offerings. We offer comprehensive services to support the full scope of your initiatives utilizing expertise learned in over 1,000 implementations. Comprehensive training programs delivered in dedicated facilities will help your staff acquire the necessary knowledge to operate application/software safely and efficiently and to get the most out of your facilities.

About Our Company