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Sharepoint and Office 365

TOQSOFT is proud to provide the latest sharePoint and Office 365 solutions that enable businesses like yours to take advantage of all that cloud computing has to offer.

Robust business security and reliability comes with sharePoint and Office 365.

However, SharePoint has stepped into a new role in recent years through the Office 365 platform. SharePoint Online is now not only a framework for site creation and management, it has also become the key storage platform in Office 365 to support more advanced capabilities. Microsoft designed these products as an interconnected set of tools that help the modern office get things done faster and more efficiently.

SharePoint Office 365 Development Solutions

We employ powerful Microsoft tools and technologies to achieve the best Office 365 experience and advantage. If your organization is looking for a new application to develop with SharePoint's unique features or creating custom web parts, and being one of the office 365 developers, Toqsoft will be the right choice to provide the best solutions to extend your brand's capabilities. Microsoft SharePoint Online offers the most efficient and powerful SharePoint features without the associated overhead of self-managing the infrastructure. Our highly skilled SharePoint Custom team is quick to analyze the business requirements for your portal to design and implement customized web parts.

Why choose Office 365 to power-up your business documentation?
Access Files Anywhere:

Office 365 allows the businesses and organizations to store the files in the cloud. This is how the files and apps can be accessed by any device from any location, anytime.

Secure Cloud Storage:

Office 365 is totally secured environment with robust cloud security measures. Cloud security is a set of policies, technology, software, and apps that protect the personal and professional data stored on online. Cloud security means protecting the data in two ways. First, secure the authentication, only authorised user can access the files and it restricted the unauthorised user. Second, security threat and malware function can be identified, prevented, and removed immediately.

Improve Communications:

Regardless of distance and time difference, user can create the communication through the centralised tools provided by the Office 365 across the Skype and Outlook. Yammer is new feature of office 365 which act as a social network for the organisation. So the user can communicate through the e-mail, can participate in video/audio conferencing through the Skype and can chat or post in Yammer.

Predictable Spend:

The payment for Office 365 is like subscription, pay per user per month. The cost of license depends upon level of functionality, the products and applications used for the business and organisation. Paying per user per month is a predictable expense which make the organisation budget more comfortable.

Business Continuity in Disaster:

Office 365 allows the businesses to store the files in the cloud and regularly backed up. At the time of disaster in the office the businesses can be functional in normal routine. No matter what happened to physical devices all the files, data, e-mails, and apps are store in cloud and backed up.

Automatic Updates:

All the essential apps such as Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook are included in Office 365 and work online without installation of any software/apps. No need to worry about latest version of any software because Office 365 provides automatic upgradation in predefined time interval. It eradicates the expenses of buying new software because updates are included when user buy the license of Office 365.

Centralised Collaboration:

Office 365 collaborative tools allow to share calendars, mailboxes, contacts and edit the documents in real time. Sharing the calendars in exchange means knowing the availability of personnel in the organisation for the meeting etc. Shared mailbox means same mailbox can be access by multiple users.

Why choose SharePoint development to manage your business?
Multi-purpose functionality built in:

One of the most important features is its flexibility. SharePoint enables an organisation to create intra site which means an internal website of the company is for information sharing, task scheduling, contacts, whatever for approval, monitoring, review, or tracking, reporting, and much more. Administrator can assign different permission levels on different user’s status. This private network inside the company is very beneficial for exchanging information, sharing documents, file management, social networking while also guaranteeing data security.

Centralized Administration:

Centralized administrators utilize the console feature to access quickly basic operational features including recover data, run setup procedures, monitor performance, backup sites and sites data, perform restorations and modify settings all on a single dashboard.

Allows Customization:

Apart from having default online SharePoint features and benefits, it also can be customized and tailored as per business requirements. The company might entrust their developer to build custom elements in each of the Microsoft SharePoint features. Similarly, the customization of entire application’s interface can be done to reflect the company branding.

Document Management and Collaboration:

SharePoint helps to manage the company’s information and documents efficiently and effectively while also in accessible manner. It allows the team of organization to collaborate the team members easily so that exchange information and knowledge flow across the organization becomes easy and smooth. To improve the decision making it is extremely important to have a good collaboration among the team members of the organization and SharePoint helps to do that.

Reduces the overall cost incurred by providing site consolidation:

SharePoint enables the company to integrate all the sites (shared work environment) into one platform somehow, it will reduce the operating cost of the organization.

Integration with existing apps:

SharePoint offers the company to integrate all other business apps with it. The SharePoint product will work seamlessly with your Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint), MS Exchange Server, MS Unified Communications, ERP, CRM, and many other back-office systems and previous versions.

SharePoint provides a high level of security and integrity:

SharePoint 2013 has advance security feature that reduce the risk of unauthorized access and securing company’s confidential documents. SharePoint plays an important role to manage permission of apps, sites, and documents.

Why choose Toqsoft for SharePoint and Office 365 consulting services?

Toqsoft experienced SharePoint administrators can provide quality installation and initial configurations of SharePoint. We also have the experience to administer your SharePoint and know how optimize your environment for optimal performance.

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SharePoint Solutions

TOQSOFT is best-in-class SharePoint solution providers. Our SharePoint experts are prepared to help you to deploy the right features of the SharePoint which will fit to your business needs. Our experts shall help you in building all SharePoint versions and platforms. Including on-premises, online and hybrid deployments, add-ins and customizing SharePoint as per your business requirements.
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SharePoint Expertise

Through our SharePoint development and consulting services, our expert team address the full scope of pre and post deployment issues to ensure the proper operation of the end solution.
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