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Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP) Solutions


ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning covers basic functionality of your business regardless of organizational business. All business vertical are utilizing ERP solutions for best business practices. ERP provides solutions that cover all functionalities of a business. Peeping behind ERP development we find traditional software development system that does not have proper communication network, database system are not unified so no dynamic changes in real world can be seen.

ERP business solutions provided a unified database where all the changes made are reflected in real world. Change in one module is reflected in subsequent modules interlinked without communication gap, updating is very fast. Let us take an example, HR department, Payroll department, financial department all are interlinked as information from one is needed to serve and drive the other department, earlier departments needed to wait for information from other departments to proceed as updating where not dynamic and the departments needed to request for data.

Some of the key ERP solution modules can be listed as follows.

  • Sales Management
  • Staff Management
  • Stock and Inventory Management
  • Supply-chain management
  • Production planning
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting (MIS)
  • Document and Workflow Management
  • Data analysis and workflow management

Why customize your ERP?

You might think that your needs are fairly close to everyone else’s, and you don’t really need customized ERP software. However, Generic approaches miss both simplifications and extra depth specific to your way of doing business. Customization puts you and your staff at the heart of the system. Large companies have long understood the benefits of customizing their software and spend millions to acheive this goal.

The general features of ERP Application are:

  • Planning for investment protection
  • Guarantee of easy upgrade to new releases
  • Personalisable with its own tools
  • Compatible with future versions
  • Provision of a recovery method
  • Parameters for behavioural models
  • Maintenance contract

The main feature of ERP, however, is its extreme adaptability in the ever new and different contexts in every company.

Our ERP solutions - Advantage Clients

We offer foolproof web/desktop-based enterprise resource planning

ERP solutions are either directly incorporated into client's intranet or outsourced using ASP hosting service. You can manage your critical application on the Internet.


Our resourceful application modules are easy to implement and modified to suit your business needs. We offer flexible solutions for providing the database information tools either individually or in a group.

Rapid Training

Our rich and fast training module is backed by our qualified and experienced technical support engineers.

Adjustable Architecture

Our adaptable and pro client architecture offers real gain in terms of investment in people's training. Further, our cutting edge ERP solution is fully adjustable to any changes in technology.

Easy Customization

We help clients by providing them with a customized business strategy and design. Our services help the clients manage their information system that would ultimately enhance and improve relations with the partners.

Affordable Pricing

Our solutions come packed with flexible pricing offers.

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