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Managing Content requires a huge effort. If good systems and process are not in place it can cause serious disruption in business. If your business is looking for management of its Internet website or Intranet then we can work with you in identifying a solution that is right for your needs.

Toqsoft believes in providing utmost quality and finest delivery options of services. The services include custom application development and system design, .Net desktop and web application development, architecture and design evaluation. Custom Control development using .Net is also offered along with various web services that use XML and SOAP toolkit. Managing and implementing periodic upgrades and continual technical support for existing custom and critical application is also one of the many services offered by Toqsoft.

We at Toqsoft, offer custom .Net application development services to our clientele. We do web applications, web services, and advanced .Net application developments with AJAX. Web applications include HTTP modules and handlers. PC based applications like web services include argument validations; Header Authentication based standalone services and WS security along with DIME web service Enhancement 2. The advanced .Net application development includes threading – dynamic threading along with standalone remoting and assemblages. Simple Ajax components and Auto complete Text boxes are also offered.

Our content management system (CMS) can be incorporated into any website design. It is also flexible enough to allow for pages to be set up to change everything including design, or to just be able to change different pieces of text (so that design cannot be affected). As well as modifying the content of your web pages, Toqsoft makes it easy to move web pages and menu items around, delete pages and to create new ones.

How CMS Work?

How CMS Work?

.NET and Toqsoft Advantages

Toqsoft CMS is a highly customizable, extremely spontaneous and easy-to-use communications platform that facilitates website management.

There are various benefits of using .Net application from Toqsoft, the primary one being that .Net alleviates easier and quicker preparations, thus reducing IT expenses. We prepare applications that fit the requirements and needs of the customers appropriately. The functionality and consolidation of software becomes easier and authentic using .Net. Also simple-to-complex tasks are given comprehensive solutions using .Net. Best suiting the Internet, .Net is one of the platforms that is compatible with many operating systems. Hence it is one of the best platforms to work in. awesome connectivity and high quality security is also obtained by using .Net. All these lead to the optimization of the IT costs.

Applications formulated

There are many applications that are formulated or developed using .Net. These include Business-to-business portals and Information, Decision support systems, CMS (Content Management Systems) e-business and e-commerce solutions, Mobile connectivity, Custom Integration services, enhancing already existent applications in .Net etc. The best thing is that .Net also has modified solutions for hosting, which can be customized upon request.

With all the above mentioned services offered in .Net, it is only very clear why .NET Application development is one of our services in high demand, between our partners. Assisting the clients to substantiate scalable improvements in terms of cost and time using .Net is one of the areas where we ate the best in.

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