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Achieve Your Goal:
Technology Planning


Turn to Technology achieve your business goals. Technology is like a race car. Lots of raw power, but you need to tune it right and have the skills to drive it if you expect to win. Technology can improve – or impede – your organization’s ability to achieve its mission and goals.

If your business depends on insufficient, inappropriate, or poorly implemented technology and hoping to grow over the next few years you will need a technology planning that will help you grow efficiently, and stay one step ahead of the competition. The process of technology planning involves assessing your existing resources, defining your needs, and exploring solutions. It serves as the roadmap for satisfying the gaps over time to achieve the end-state.


Our more than 15 years experience enables us to help clients think through tactical issues while also considering the bigger-picture potential impacts to the overall organization. If you’re looking for a technology partner to help you along the path to progress, you’ve come to the right place. We assist businesses and organizations with:

Technology Strategy

Toqsoft understands the challenges and opportunities, and has built world-class IT strategy consulting capabilities to evaluate your corporation's IT needs and how accessible technology fits into your business by identifying a vision and objectives that helps you to achieve your business goals with the latest available technologies.

Design, develop, and deliver technology

The goal of Toqsoft is to design, develop and deliver technology for our clients. Whether your requirements are short- or long-term, and related to software, web enbled business applications or automation of full organizational activity, we can aid you in reaching your goals through contract services or consultancy.

Technology implementation and Training

Efficient and comprehensive technology implementation is our technology offerings. We offer comprehensive services to support the full scope of your initiatives utilizing expertise learned in over 1,000 implementations. Comprehensive training programs delivered in dedicated facilities will help your staff acquire the necessary knowledge to operate application/software safely and efficiently and to get the most out of your facilities.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

A sound disaster recovery / business continuity plan is essential to protect the well being of an organization. If disaster ever strikes, you’ll not worry so much of your business because you have a plan to keep your critical business systems running while you restore normal operations.

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