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About us:
Corporate Overview


Corporate Overview

TOQSOFT is an India based software development company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective solutions.

Toqsoft aims to keep discipline when software is designed and build, it follows engineering approach. We work on next generation technologies to create software that its customer realizes their full potential. We are willing to take a big challenge, we have passion at work, and we offer solutions which exceeds customer expectations, most reliable and cost effective.

In the ever-changing world of information technologies, it is important to address new business challenges and adopt best practices. Understanding that companies have to forge their way forward together, to build on professionalism and to assist the development of a better functioning economy, TOQSOFT is the rallying point and unifying voice of the industry. To out-perform your competitors, you must get key activities right: strategy and planning; acquiring accurate market intelligence; and taking effective action to turn potential customers into real ones. Working with TOQSOFT will enable you to do this. Our Mission is to help you create substantial and lasting improvements in your performance — a sustainable ‘business advantage’ over your competitors.

Toqsoft involves to provide comprehensive software solutions and web applications to the global market through appropriate combination of software products and multidimensional IT services. TOQSOFT is leader in business analytics software, delivering the breakthrough technology, you need to transform the way you do business. Our software provides one integrated process for analyzing data from every source and gaining the predictive power to drive change at every level. Providing world class open standards based software products and web application for rapidly building and deploying high performance, scalable enterprise applications for multidimensional big organizations as well as small scale industries.

We have completed over 100 successful Business projects. TOQSOFT has become a leader in predictive analytics technologies through a combination of commitment to innovation and dedication to customers.

You will find TOQSOFT customers in virtually every industry, including manufacturing banking,finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, consumer packaged goods, higher education, government, and market research.

TOQSOFT works to:

  • Encourage member companies to improve quality of service, master modern technologies and provide innovative solutions
  • Provide opportunities for continuous professional development and offer internships/scholarships for raising the level of software education
  • Participate in the formulation of a national policy and an action plan for software industry development
  • Promote fair competition
  • Foster relations with global IT players, investment sources and educational institutions

Vision, Mission & Values

Our aim, through our vision, mission and values, is to inspire people inside and outside Toqsoft to pursue ethical business partnership for a Better today's World.


We believe better possibilities for all.

We believe ourselves to be socially responsible and responsive, not just because of principle, but because it is good business, and recognize that our success is in direct proportion to the success of the customers we serve.

We believe the technology we use at work should be as fine as the technology we use in our personal living. We think it’s time for something better and new.

We believe in utilizing answers, transparency and open dialogue to give everyone a simple and powerful user experience, one that lets them trust their instincts, communicate naturally and get rewarded for it.

We believe in rending down hierarchies. We believe that getting business results means assembling a team of experts that forms and disbands repeatedly based on the knowledge, capability and intellectual capital required.

We believe engaging clients in lieu of managing them is the new way to create competitive advantage.

We believe that co-workers, managers, customers and suppliers can come together to build the great companies, markets, and industries of the future.


Our mission is to help our clients meet their wants by sensibly listening to their needs and providing them with ideas, choices, and plans to achieve their desire.


Integrity: We look, see, tell the truth and take authentic action.

Objectivity: We commit to be proactive, take ownership, and be accountable.

Mindfulness: Being constantly aware and conscious of the intent, motivation, needs and feelings of those we come in contact with.

Collaboration: Using our individual and collective ingenuity to find and deliver creative business solutions.

Emotional Intelligence: Utilizing our best intution to communicate and listen effectively.

Courage: We acknowledge our fears and choose to move beyond them.

Operating Philosophy

“Doing the right things, in the right way, with the right people ”

The Toqsoft operating philosophy follows below key doctrine:

  • Our strategically designed Employee Value Proposition and total rewards portfolio help attract, retain, motivate and engage employees to drive business success. A well-balanced Employee Value Proposition can weather the ups and downs of the business cycle while providing stability and direction for our employees. And the resulting positive influence on employee behavior drives customer satisfaction, revenue growth and profitability for your organization.
  • Operate our company on a world-class basis by providing management with the operational, financial and human resources necessary to develop the business.
  • We work to ensure that we are at least two-steps ahead of what others think is “cutting edge.” We are committed to making sure our products integrate with the existing infrastructure that our clients maintain.
  • We recognize that everyone is different, and work with them to understand and meet their needs.
  • Operate in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and the highest standards of integrity in all relationships.
  • Use common sense and sound judgment to guide our actions.
  • To creative a dynamic organization in which our employees are hired, promoted and compensated, solely on the basis of job performance without regard to race, sex, religion, age, disability, or nationality.

Our Team and Commitment

Teamwork is the fuel that allows the common people to attain uncommon results.

Generally, the team structure of a company depends on its size and form. Toqsoft has a strong technical as well as business team to provide quality services from India. This team consists of professionals who have had significant experience of designing, developing, marketing and managing projects, both in India and foreign destinations.

Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. They are passionate about results, ambitious and impatient for success. They are a down-to-earth and approachable group, who believe in working hard but also enjoying hard!

We always remember that, it is our people who deliver what client needs. Our expectations from our people are:


Accountability holds leaders to the task of clearly defining goals for the company and its people, as well as establishing measurements to assess those goals and define success.


Leadership provides guidance, instruction, direction for the purpose of achieving a key result or group of aligned results. The leadership monitors the quantitative and qualitative result that is to be achieved. The leader works with the team membership.

Honesty and Trust

Ability to develop and sustain the levels of trust in Toqsoft and its leadership and maintain there needs to be transparency and honesty in every respect.


To be innovative team must be attention to ways how we can gain from the interaction with external sources of knowledge and innovation.


Teamwork is integral part of our team. Every team-mates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole and provide mutual support for achievement of goals


Our effective communication strategies i.e. Share ideas, Listen to clients and colleagues and accept constructive criticism; helping us to build strong working relationships with clients and customers, team members, managers, and internal customers.


Striving for excellence is an important part of our organization. It involves trying to put quality into everything we do.

TOQSOFT is committed to:

Techniques - modern and easy to use

Quality - excellence in all we do

Passion - to be the best

Integrity - what we achieve is important, but how we achieve it is equally important Exceeding customer expectations - wherever possible

Providing - our customers with lasting value, lasting business advantage

Success - through helping our customers to succeed

Continuous improvement - vital if we are to meet our customers' needs in a world where change is the only constant

Partnership - with customers, employers and suppliers

Development of individuals - stimulating opportunities for company growth

Respect - for individuals

Enjoying - our work, and the success we bring to our customers.


As well as developing high-quality applications for our clients, we can also provide clear, considered technical advice. We're not just IT experts — we aim to listen carefully and understand the business context of technical problems.

Here are some reasons why businesses choose us:

Strong Reputations

An organization’s biggest asset is its reputation. Every company’s Desired Reputation is unique. Year after year, we have continued to see growth in our company due to our strong reputation in the Business Solutions provider. We are achieving our objectives more easily because Toqsoft has a good reputation among its customers, opinion leaders in the business community, suppliers and current and potential employees.

World-Class Services

Our company does more than you expect, this can leave a lasting impression and a customer that is likely to return, and tell others. To stand out from our competitors, we known as the company that provides world-class service. World-class service is the talk of many but the reality of few. Our company provides a client with superlative service, the experience often takes on the aura of legend as the client recounts it to others.

Expertise that is Second to None

We start off with a detailed evaluation of your needs and your business, and use that information to maximize the result and the best business value. Because our expertise, people, vast experience, and technology innovation, give us an edge that benefits you.

Solutions that deliver results

Toqsoft has a proven track record in developing and implementing solutions that deliver results in reduced costs, time savings, and increased efficiency. We use experience and learning from other industries and situations to develop better solutions for our clients.


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